Antenatal Course Content

Our courses are made up of 5 evening sessions and 1 day time session.  This is an outline of subjects we will be covering in each session.

We really encourage your partners to come along to as many of the sessions as they like as we think this will be really helpful for you during and after the birth.

There is always plenty of time for questions and you are always welcome to have a one-on-one chat with Roger before or after any of our sessions if you have any questions about your particular pregnancy.



1. Staying Healthy and Feeling Good


Food and drink




Aches and pains

Minor complications and common complaints

What to buy and what NOT to buy

2.The Birth 


Preparing for the birth-packing your hospital bag

Birth plan

Signs and Stages of labour 

When to go to hospital

Positions for labour and birth

Pushing and breathing

What happens when you get to hospital – who will be present in delivery room


3rd stage- Delivery of placenta

3. Pain Relief and Intervention

Pain relief (natural and medical)

FREE Hypnobirthing Session

Induction- why and how?

Assisted delivery – why and how?

Caesarean section- emergency and planned.

Other complications


4. Postnatal Care 


What to expect immediately after birth, Apgar score and ressus

What to expect in next few hours/days

Physical issues

Emotional issues

Sex and contraception


Pelvic floor exercises

Birth debriefing

5. Feeding your Baby 

(This is a daytime session)

Feeding Positions

How long to breastfeed for


Mastitis and nipple thrush

Expressing and storage of milk



Smoking and drinking

6. Newborn Baby 



Weight loss



When to worry about baby


Travel with baby

Changing nappies, dressing, swadding, bathing, cord care


Notes for birth partners.

Lots of Time for Questions!