Coronavirus – COVID 19

Coronavirus - COVID 19 Antenatal Classes

We are starting our  face-to-face classes again in September 2020. Please do drop us an email.

Until then, if you are unable to attend your antenatal classes because you are self-isolating or because you are choosing to socially distance, please do have a look at our  ONLINE PREGNANCY PREPARATION PACK.

We have just slashed the price from £59 to £35 to allow more women and their partners to take advantage of these online classes from the comfort of their own home.

Whether you are 4 weeks or 40 weeks pregnant, this course is for you. Our detailed videos and downloads and beautiful hardback book contain everything you need for the months ahead and are packed full of information and advice to get you off to the best start in parenthood.

9 video lessons, 18 downloads and printable lists and access to a CLOSED Facebook Page for private chats + a FREE Copy of “Nobody Tells You…100 Truths about Pregnancy, Birth and Parenthood”

  • 1. Staying Healthy and Feeling Good – exercise, alcohol, pelvic floor, sex and much more
  • 2. Aches and Pains and Complications – things to look out for and how to deal with it all
  • 3. Hospital Birth or Home Birth, what to expect as labour begins. When to go to hospital.
  • 4. Stages of Labour, how to breathe and how to push. Will you do a poo?
  • 5. Pain Relief – Natural and Medical Forms- all you need to know
  • 6. Assisted Delivery and Caesarean Section. 1 in 3 women give birth by C Section, make sure you are know what to expect.
  • 7. What to Expect After Your Birth in the first few hours, days and weeks.
  • 8. The Postnatal Period- Psychological and Physical Changes and things to look out for.
  • 9. How to Care for Your Baby and When to Worry. Advice for you and your partner.
  • FREE Copy of “Nobody Tells You…” RRP £17

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