FREE Pregnancy Pilates Masterclass and Lunch – Sunday March 12th 12pm


FREE Pregnancy Pilates Masterclass and Lunch – Sunday March 12th 12pm

Sunday March 12th 12pm


Doctor and Daughter and Jane Wake are pleased to invite you to their latest amazing and FREE event!

Pregnancy Pilates Masterclass and Lunch in association with Mama Mio




Join Rebecca Maberly from Doctor and Daughter Antenatal Classes and Jane Wake, leading Pre and postnatal exercise specialist from Baby A-Wake for a FREE Antenatal Pilates Masterclass, followed by lunch in the Ball room at Balham Bowling Club.


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  • Come along to the wonderfully quirky Balham Bowls Club Ballroom
  • Take a FREE Pilates Class
  • Learn all about how and why you should be exercising during pregnancy 
  • Win some Goody Bags and Pilates DVDs
  • Meet other women due in the area 
  • Have lunch together 
  • Take some free Mama Mio goodies home!


What’t not to like?


We will start with 40 minutes of Pregnancy Pilates,  followed by a chat about Pelvic Floor and a whole host of other things that your mother didn’t tell you about pregnancy!  We will then head down for a well deserved delicious lunch.  Have you ever eaten at the Balham Bowls Club?  They do a seriously good Roast and a whole host of other gorgeous dishes to suit everyone!

Everyone will leave with a Mama Mio Tummy Rub Butter PLUS, the first 5 people to book will recieve a Goody Bag or a Pilates DVD!

Who is running the Masterclass?

Rebecca and her Obstetrician father, Roger Marwood FRCOG,  have been running Antenatal Classes in Balham for two years.  They are the leading provider of independent antenatal classes in SW London and have a great reputation for providing honest, up-to-date and reliable and practical advice!  Their classes are designed with today’s busy woman in mind.  No nonsense, no role plays, no old wives tales and an Obstetrician with over 40 years experience at every lesson!

Jane studies and develops exercise programmes for women, specifically during the preconception, pregnancy and postnatal periods.  One of her biggest focuses is the Pelvic Floor and teaching women how to develop and harness their core strength in order to have an easier birth and quicker recovery postnatally. When it comes to muscle focus, the pelvic floor is SO important!

Jane Wake’s classes and videos have been approved by the Royal College of Midwives and use unique techniques that will help you to optimise your health during pregnancy, enable you to have an easier birth and quicker recovery post birth. 

Chat about all the different aches and pains you may be suffering from and get some great advice on how to deal with them.  Learn about how important your pelvic floor is and how you can strengthen it for birth and the postnatal period!

After you have had the chance to work up and appetite, join Rebecca and Jane for a lovely lunch and the opportunity to chat with each other and make some new friends for that all important postnatal period!

Jane and Rebecca everything your mother never told you about pregnancy! 

Anyone attending the event will get 20% off the cost of future  Doctor and the Daughter and Baby A-Wake Courses. (Antenatal Classes and Pregnancy Pilates Courses)

How do I book?

Send us an email via our contact form!

The Small Print….

Class is available for any one who is pregnant – please note that a health screening form must be completed before you do the class. 

The masterclass is free but everyone just pays for their own lunch – here is a Sunday Lunch Menu




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