About the Course Content

I think it was brilliant, there was enough both for women and partners and a good balance between emotional, practical and medical information.

Content was comprehensive without being overwhelming. Really great balance of ‘real’ perspective i.e without sugar coating but lots of positivity about ‘you can do this’ and you will survive!

I found it extremely helpful and reassuring. Great advice from two very experienced people in two different areas. All questions were answered and feel ready to deliver my baby with great knowledge of what is ahead.

About the Delivery of the Course

Excellent – course was delivered to a v high standard. The medical aspects were translated into easy-to-understand with a mum’s experience too.

Very good – great to have the combination of a doctor and a person who has actually given birth!

Just right-nice chatty, informal style with loads of room for questions and individual queries if needed.

Very well delivered, the right amount of information in the time available with time for questions refreshingly honest, no nonsense, accounts of the reality of birth and beyond.

Both you and your dad were so approachable and easy to talk too. v friendly! Felt immediately welcome when we arrived and v easy to ask questions. You always had time to chat and discuss things, yet kept to the schedule.   Both of you spoke well and easy to follow and understand.

About the Breastfeeding Session

Fantastic! Really clear advice and real reassurance about where to go for help.

Very informative. Great delivery and setting. It’s clear your network is very good.

Really enjoyed breastfeeding class.. Opened my eye a lot.. I would advise partners to attend as great support for women if they know what problems may go wrong. Excellent. Can’t fault it.

Thought this was great. Really learnt a lot about the science and the emotional bond/needs behind breast feeding, as well as the practical side.

Good follow up email with helpful links and book suggestions etc.

V professionally delivered with activities, tasks to help remember different learning points.?

Why Chose us over Other Classes?

Your course is unique and was highly recommended by a midwife from The Chelsea and Westminster.  It’s very rare to have the presence and knowledge if such a highly regarded consultant along with a mother and someone very experienced and read in the field.

Great to have the balance of medical and mother’s opinion, amazing to have both resources on hand.

We wanted to meet other couples in our area and wanted it to be after working hours. The NHS had already recommended the Doctor and Daughter website so I trusted the course to be very good. It also sounded like it was going to be solid content and a bit less over-the-top than some of the competitors, we looked at a few courses in Chelsea which didn’t appeal to us at all. It seemed like a good course, and I also liked that it was a mix between a doctor and someone who had had an actual baby.

Roger was a selling point and we felt you would offer more practical, engaging and direct advice. We felt your hearts would be in it and go the extra mile if necessary. Your course description gives people a ‘warm fuzzy feel’ as opposed to more generic offerings.

Had read pretty derogatory stuff about other courses being waste of time and not v informative. Was much more drawn to your course where classes delivered by doctors, anaesthetists, medics, etc.  Powerful draw for people where time is precious as keen to get quality information when going to class and doing what’s best for your baby. Nothing more frustrating than wasting long chunks of evenings not learning anything.